About Us

Born in a close-fitting patriarchal family, my childhood memoirs and fixation with jewellery design began when I was three years old. I still have the recollection of my bygone early years, as and when the bell would ring for short breaks at school, I would reach for my jewellery case and marvel at these utterly vivacious vibrant spherical, cylindrical, rhombus colored stones in different shapes and forms. I’d spend hours with jewellery artisans and; picking the right colors, learning and mulling over the skills to use the tools. For myself, to create these beautiful handcrafted pieces, and deciding which ornamental adornments, linked together will make the headlines for my ‘pop’. I knew then that I was a kindred spirit, who would forever share a mutual love for jewellery. A vivid dream-like walkthrough, a nostalgic journey of sweet smelling, of semi-precious stones would tint my biosphere. And now, several years later, I am opening the doors to my own jewellery house ‘The Treasure Box’.

A home run business factory that specializes in beautifully handcrafted jewellery. The use of semi-precious stones adds to the stunning outlines of old-style jewellery links. An individuality, perhaps that portrays a treasure chest and the riches that might lie within. Every woman’s beauty is formation of magnificence and therefore the secrets of complimenting the splendour of woman’s heart is what best I do; and it’s why I call it ‘The Treasure Box’.